Favorite First-Watches: 2020

2020 was an awful year, there’s no mincing words about that. My favorite movies to arrive from this year then ring a different, more critical note; they helped me live through something, and I am reminded of the proverbial magic of movies. Staying inside for months, returning to work for months and seeking refuge in… Continue reading Favorite First-Watches: 2020

Noirvember Notables: 2020

Popular fare in the Classic Hollywood blogger/watcher/TCM devotee community, Noirvember, affectionately Frankenstein-ing the month and film genre, entails a month’s watching of gumshoes, sharp-shooters, femme fatales, and crooked outsiders in pictures from around the world. Or, if you’re like me, this Noirvember entailed a month’s watching of Anne Bancroft, Farley Granger, and Yakuza films. Admittedly,… Continue reading Noirvember Notables: 2020