Early Film (1951-1957):

“Anne Bancroft’s Film Contract Gets Approval” (The Los Angeles Times, November 1951)

Don’t Bother to Knock Offers Surprise for Monroe Fans” (The Post-Standard, August 1952)

“Anne Bancroft Quelled Accent” (The Miami Herald, April 1953)

“TV Wars Arm Anne for Gladiator Role” (The Los Angeles Times, July 1953)


Two for the Seesaw (1958-1959):

Two for the Seesaw Captivating” (Daily News, January 1958)

The Akron Beacon Journal, January 1958

Two for the Seesaw” (Lansing State Journal, March 1958)

“New Girl in Town and She’s Got a Village Flat” (Daily News, April 1958)

“On the Serious Side” (Daily News, April 1958)

“Anne Bancroft Bids Farewell to Gittel and Seesaw” (The Herald Statesman, June 1959)

The Miracle Worker (1959-1961):

“Anonymous Critics Annoy Anne Bancroft” (The Times Dispatch, October 1960)

“Anne Bancroft Tells Her Secret” (The Spokesman-Review, December 1960)

“Anne Bancroft Revisits the ‘20s” (Fort Lauderdale News, April 1961)

“Anne Bancroft Turns Cheek 2,800 Times For Art’s Sake” (The Record, July 1961)

Mother Courage and Her Children (1963):

Excerpt from “The Voice of Broadway” (The Mercury, April 1963)

Mother Courage Scores High With Anne Bancroft” (Oakland Tribune, May 1963)

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